Living a Life of No Regrets

We all have something stored in our memories of the past that we wish we could have done differently, or something we wish we didn’t do.

As we get older we learn and grow, but that doesn’t mean we have to regret what we did before we learned how to do things differently. If we didn’t go through those experiences, we might not have grown into the strong and knowledgeable people we are today.

During my days as a Jesuit, one of the experiences we had was assisting in a rural hospital for a month. During this experience at Shevgaon, I learned a lot about regret. It was shocking how many of the patients got to the end of their lives wishing they had lived differently. Many had unresolved relationship issues, unfulfilled dreams, and long-held resentments. Through our many conversations, we tried to help them come to terms with their regrets while they still had the chance. Some were able to find some resolution, but for others, it was too late, and they died still hanging on to regrets.

This impactful experience became a huge motivator for me to start living as if any day could be my last. We never know how long we will live, so we must make conscious choices each day to live fully and make the most out of each experience we have. Here are some ways to start living life with no regrets.

1. Let your loved ones know you love them.
2. Follow your dream.
3. Trust your gut instincts.
4. Keep your work at work.
5. Practice forgiveness.
6. Be yourself.
7. Practice kindness. 

Our lives are meant to be lived fully and completely, without regret. We never know how long we have, so let’s start living a life free of regrets today and every day.

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