What will people remember YOU for?

Life is a Journey…and with every day that passes, the journey gets faster. Days get shorter and good intentions grow and grow. It’s hard to find time to stop and think. There are always emails to answer, calls to make, trains to catch…But one day, your journey will end, and people will either remember you or they will forget you.

Be today who you would have people remember you for. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

What are you responsible for and what will be your legacy? When taken seriously, our duties are sources of great potential. Yet so often we spread ourselves too thin, doing just enough to get by – that awful feeling of doing so many things and none of them particularly well.

We would do well to spend more time watching and less time with our eyes on the watch.

Are you present? Are you mindful, or are you forever multi tasking, mentally preparing for the next imminent appointment and already playing out the next conversation at the expense of this one?

Others may forget your hurried actions and many words, but what they will remember is how you make them feel. Focus on your passion for people. Seize the responsibility we all have to inspire and challenge those around us, to develop and learn alongside each other.

Being today who you would have people remember you for means less regrets at the end of the journey.

So think NOW about what is important to you.

It’s not easy to prioritise when everything is a priority. But it’s a good idea to look closely at the way you’re living your life. Too often it takes a crisis situation to make us stand back and take stock, to make us consider if our behaviours and actions are consistent with our values and beliefs. But why wait? Why not now? This is your opportunity to craft your character in the stories that will be told.

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