Whatever Happens, Happens For The Best

I know most of you reading this will not agree to, whatever happens, happens for the best and that’s okay! I have always been an ardent believer of it and I live by it. I’m always asked by people how I’m this optimistic, and I always tell them that I leave things to God, not that I don’t get hurt or I don’t feel the pain but I try to channel positivity. And I believe this is my strength!

Life is too short to cry over things that didn’t happen and over things that have happened but not according to our whims and fancies. At times we desperately want things to happen but we don’t want to give it time and when they go wrong we blame fate and target God.

The fact is that we all are struggling and fighting with our problems, with each piling over the other but we fail to realise that they’re a blessing in disguise. We will never know, we will never feel it because our mind isn’t trained to see the best in the worst. Everything is a test, and each of them teaches us a lesson that we can’t learn in a four-walled classroom.

Somethings can only be learned by experience and honestly they help us build our character. Things, either good or bad, happens for a reason. We shouldn’t let them paralyse us. It might seem difficult to trust the vibe that whatever happens, happens for a reason but once we leave things on the supreme, we will find the inner peace and contentment!

Everything happens for a reason


The philosopher Aristotle explains it perfectly. In his quest to discover the true meaning of life, he suggested there were two constants in life:

First, the universe is constantly changing and evolving. What it is today is never the same tomorrow.

Second, he referred to entelechy, which is “that which turns potential into reality.”

Aristotle believed that everything happening to you today has a purpose because it turns you into the person you are becoming. Everything that happens to you has a reason—but there’s a way of thinking about this that empowers you in life.

Reason is the meaning we give to the events that happen in our life. The events you’re going through and the actions you take are creating the person you’re becoming. You are not a random element in the universe, reacting mechanically to everything happening to you. Instead, you are a human being. You have been gifted with the capacity to create meaning from all of these events. This gives you the power to create meaning from them and start making life work for you rather than against you.

The meaning of your life and the reason why you want to keep going isn’t just an idea. It’s like another living entity that exists within you. It’s a part of who you are, your body and soul, and it coordinates with the things you think and feel. It’s a deep part of you that you are not even aware of most of the time.

Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod

This is the choice you have. Believing in everything happens for a reason empowers you to create meaning from the tragedies and setbacks you experience in life. You may be going through a break-up. Perhaps you’re struggling in the workplace with a terrible boss. Maybe you’re dealing with the grief of someone passing away.

Whatever it is you’re going through, I feel for you. Believing that this is happening for a reason doesn’t mean you should be happy this is happening. It really sucks to be going through this. Believing in the reason behind the challenging even is about managing your pain and giving you the strength to go on.

“Everything happens for a reason” helps you grow from tragedy and adversity
“Everything happens for a reason” gives you closure
“Everything happens for a reason” alleviates your pain
“Everything happens for a reason” gives you a chance to reflect
“Everything happens for a reason” leads us to the defining moments of our lives
“Everything happens for a reason” allows you to make sense of the chaos in your life
“Everything happens for a reason” teaches you valuable lessons

People are so obsessed with things like karma, fate or serendipity. It’s hard to explain. But ultimately, it’s just a need to grasp for something steady when life pulls the rug under our feet. It’s important to keep believing that everything happens for a reason. It gives us valuable introspection that can be hard to obtain when life gets really hard. However, it’s even more vital to remember that balance is essential. Yes, there is beauty in believing that there is a reason why things don’t go according to plan.

At the end of the day, everything does happen for a reason. But what you can control is your reaction to it.

What do you think? Does everything happen for a reason?

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