Discovering Magic

Life is magical. Each and every moment of our life is special and unique. All we need to do is look around, and this time, look around more carefully. Look at the raindrops that fall so gently on the ground and appreciate the rhythm in which they do so. We have stopped looking at these little things as we have kept ourselves busy in discovering our materialistic world. We need to just open up to these little moments. Experience the touch of cool breeze which can literally set the whole world in motion. This kind of richness when discovered will help us in our certainties and mysteries. 

If we don’t believe in magic, we are never going to find it. Greatest secrets are always hidden in unlikely spots. The little things which we avoid in our everyday life are the greatest treasures of magic and have the potential to bring happiness to us. We need to open up to them and it will help us to open up to ourselves.

Magic happens when we look at the positive side of everything. Many types of research have proved that people with an optimistic outlook live longer and have improved well-being. But when we face hardships, we dwell on the negative side and cannot see the ray of hope. It is a natural human tendency, to change the perspective and glance at the favorable outcome is difficult. We are filled with a magnitude of emotions, and our hard times bring out all the strong, intense, and negative emotions, and to control them is not an easy piece of cake. If we live our lives in this way, we are always caught up in the loop of negative thoughts and so we never enjoy the present moment. Now you might be thinking, is there any way to balance these emotions, bring a paradigm shift and see the silver lining in every situation? Frankly speaking, there is no magic bullet or secret formula, but you can follow some simple but yet effective tips that can help you bring some positivity to your life.

One of the many things that has helped me discover magic in my life is positive self talk or autosuggestion therapy.

How do you talk to yourself? It impacts your life to a large extent. Our monkey mind is chattering all the time and giving us suggestions, and you have to confront them and understand what you are talking to yourself. You can use autosuggestion therapy, in which you can give positive suggestions to yourself and get out of self-sabotaging thoughts.

  • Instead of saying I am not good enough, say I am equal to the best.
  • Instead of saying I am a loser, say I am capable.
  • Instead of saying I am a failure, say I am a learner.

Whatever you say to yourself, always use encouraging words and empower yourself with positivity.

Here is a lovely song to kickstart your day! Hope you enjoy listening to Magic Every Moment by Dan Fogelberg (lyrics below)

I awoke this morning to a shattering sound
And I went downstairs and found these shards of glass strewn all around
There upon the floor I found this poor broken dove
And it made me realize how very fragile is this life that we so love

I came back up to bed and I held you so tight
And I prayed up to the Father, oh I prayed with all my might
That He’d always keep you with me, that He’d always keep you safe
And when I went dowstairs I found that dove had somehow up and flown away

There’s a magic every moment
There’s a miracles each day
There’s a magic every moment
Oh won’t you let the music play
Oh won’t you let the music play

On a high and windy island I was gazing out to sea
When a long forgotten feeling came and took control of me
It was then the clouds burst open and the sun came pouring through
When it hit those dancing waters in an instant all eternity I knew

There’s so much we take for granted–there’s so much we never say
We get caught up in the motion of just a living day to day
We are fettered to the future, we are prisoners of the past
And we never seem to notice ’til our lives have finally
Slipped right through our grasp

You can see forever in a single drop of dew
You can see that same forever if you look down deep inside of you
There’s a spark of the creator in every living thing
He respects me when I work but He so loves me when I sing

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