Living a Purposeful Life

Repetition. Boredom. Déjà vu? We’ve all been there. Wake up, go to work or work from home, have lunch, dinner, watch television… go to bed.


Sure, you are functioning… but do you have purpose in your life? Are you incorporating things into your days that bring you excitement and joy?

The truth is, without purpose things feel meaningless. 

Life isn’t just about staying alive. It’s about living for something bigger. To connect with your desires, excitement and things that actually matter. To touch, smell, and feel the awakening of every cell in your body. Moving towards a purposeful life might sound complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

One of the most common misconceptions of having a purposeful life is that the purpose of life is based on the amount of wealth, status, and/or power an individual has achieved. Yet, even though these “goals” have been achieved, there is still an empty feeling… like something is missing in their life.

A purposeful life should not be based on what society has dictated, and although everyone is different, living a purposeful life should be based on what their soul is actually searching for to fill the void.

One of the most wonderful gifts of being human is that you have the ability and option to choose to live your life the way you want. There isn’t a set rule that forces humans or a guidebook that teaches humans how to live a purposeful life… it’s more of an individual rule on how to be happy with yourself and your life.

In other words, nothing else really matters if you aren’t following your soul’s purpose and aren’t doing what makes you feel complete or loved by yourself.

Moving towards a more purposeful life and reaching inside of yourself may sound like a complicated process… but that is hardly the truth. Here are a few tips that have helped me

When seeking the answers on how to live a more purposeful life, the first and most important step is to have a clear understanding of not only what you want your life to look like… but how you really want to live it.

Your personal fulfillment, joy, and meaning are your responsibility. Finding purpose is like anything else that is “new” in life… people tend to get excited and attempt to jump in with both feet.

But finding purpose is more about taking baby steps. The slower you go, the more time you will have to truly reflect on what you want and what you can do to feel a sense of purpose. Take each step with the knowledge that you trust yourself to live your life to its fullest.

Finding gratitude is an essential factor for how to have a more purposeful life… but finding gratitude in things around can sometimes be difficult. That is why it’s so important that you take baby steps on your journey to living life with purpose.

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