Make yourself your TOP priority

I believe we should all be a bit more selfish. We should all prioritize our own needs. We should take care of ourselves before taking care of other people. In his book “12 Rules for Life”, Jordan Peterson has a full chapter about how most of us are actually better at taking care of other people than we are at taking care of ourselves.

Give someone a prescription and they might not always take it. Give that same person a prescription for their child/pet — they have more commitment to the habit.

Turns out, we’re actually very bad at prioritizing our own needs over the people around us. Think about it — most of us work for other people, stop at the drop of a dime for friends and family, and generally overextend ourselves trying to help the people around us.

And where does it leave you?

Tired, stressed, frustrated. Like you didn’t take enough time for YOU in all of your attempts to help everyone else.

That’s why am my number one priority.

Thats why I am the most important person in my life.

Thats why it’s always me first, everyone else 2nd.

Sound selfish? That’s because it is.

But I believe that being selfish is a good thing.

YOUR needs must be taken care of before you can help anyone else around you.

You’re of no service to anyone if you’re tired, stressed, anxious, frustrated, angry, etc. You can’t perform at your best with these emotions in the way.

However noble your cause is, if you don’t have your own self sorted out, you’re of little use to anyone.

If however you are in a mentally stable place, a place where you have free time, energy, and creativity to SPARE, then you can actually help others.

Why? Because you have EXCESS. You have properly taken care of YOU, which means that now you have space for someone else.

I help others when I’m my most authentic energetic self.

On the contrary I hurt others when I’m tired, stressed, anxious, or frustrated. I make good decisions when I’m well rested and operating with a calm mind.

On the contrary I make bad decisions when I’m not in a good frame of mind…Then these decisions affect the people around me.

Despite my best attempts to “help” all I’m doing is hurting the people around me.

Put on your own life vest and air supply before you help the people around you.

Everything must flow from a foundation of self love. If you love yourself, you won’t put up with a shitty job, toxic people, or unhealthy habits. If you love yourself, you won’t subject yourself to unnecessary stress. If you’re the top priority in your life, the only thing that matters is living an optimal life, because you know that is what is best for you.

The funniest part?

Most of us don’t know how to do this. We don’t know how to prioritize ourselves. We don’t know how to love ourselves.

We’ve gotten so good at prioritizing the needs of others that we forgot how to properly take care of ourselves.

Be your top priority in life. No one is more important than you, in your own life. No one should ever be put before your own needs. Your habits are a reflection of your priorities, and in order to prioritize yourself you need habits to support it.

Your job is YOU. Your work is YOU. Before anyone else, before anything.

The more you’re on top of your own game the better you can help others and the more you can lead by example.

Prioritizing yourself and getting results shows others that they can do it too.

Help others by helping yourself and being an example.

You only have one life. It’s yours and no one else’s. No ones needs are more important than your own.

You are your own top priority.

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