Enjoy your “Me” Time

“Me time” does not mean spend the whole day in some café, salon, or spa. “Me time” means taking out some time from your highly busy schedule to get relaxation. When I say taking out some time it can be a few minutes or hours, totally depends on you.

We generally take out my time from our busy schedules to get recharge again. You can and should find a little time every day to relax and recharge, so whether it’s 20 minutes or a couple of hours. Having time to yourself can help in so many ways, and it doesn’t have to take loads of time either.

From personal experience I know how dangerous it can be to not balance your time. It’s not a good place to be as I am sure you can appreciate. Trying to do everything all the time can really take its toll.

EVERYONE deserves a little time to themselves each day – it’s not whether you deserve it – it’s whether you can afford NOT to!

Here are some ways to enjoy your “ME” time

1. Digital Detox
While you look for some “me time” say no to digital devices. “Me time” should be calming and relaxing and do not put a strain on your eyes in the time. So, put aside all your digital devices and enjoy the calm and peace by just closing your eyes for some time

2. Creative Side
If you are working in the office continuously and bored with digital devices, take out your diary and pen. Draw something and let your creativity come along. If you are not interested in sketching, you can cook or dance! Do whatever makes you feel happy.

Drawing on my iPad is my way of having “me time”.

3. Treat Yourself
When you see yourself trapped in work, work, and work, it’s high time to give a small treat to yourself. Go shopping or cook something good for you. Or just simply, sit in a calm and serene place and appreciate yourself for making this far with a smile. When I say treat yourself, it does not go monetary always, you can just simply have an appreciation session for yourself.

4. Take a Nap
This is the best way to find some “me time”. Nap is the only word that makes most of us happy. A 30-minute nap in the afternoon is something we always look for during sunny days or winter days. A powerful nap refreshed the mood and the body. Enjoy your “me time” with naps.

5. Chit Chat With an Old Friend
Having a conversation with an old friend is like opening an old book with lots of memories and funny moments. Everyone needs this type of “me time” wherein we get to talk to an old friend.

6. Binge-Watching
For effective and happy “me-time”, we suggest you say no to digital devices. Still, if you wish to enjoy time with devices, you can binge-watch some good series and movies on TV. Just a small reminder, do not put a strain on your eyes or your mind as it may ruin the whole mood of “me time”.

7. Grown-Up Play Date
You can meet your friends to play board games or cards. Additionally, you can also gather for a game night. If you don’t want it with your friends, you can ask your partner to be with you. In case, you are not in a mood to play or do something, you can just simply ask your partner for quality time and convert “me time” into “us time”.

8. Indulge in Hobbies
For a perfect “me time”, you can learn something new like jazz, salsa or swimming. Basically anything you wanted to do for a long time.

Do you also struggle to find uninterrupted ‘me time’ in today’s non-stop world? What more can we add to this list? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

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