My Fishy Formula to Shine – 3 P

Sometimes we wonder how some people seem to be at the right place and the right time and have all the luck. I do not believe in luck as there is a lot more than what we hear of these “success stories”. As the quote implies, it is pointless having a great car that is stuck in the garage collecting dust! Each of us is blessed with a special set of skills. But how do we shine after we identify what we love doing?

I come from the coastal state of Goa and I love fish! So here is my fishy formula to shine

You cannot catch a fish without being near the water.

Proximity to opportunities is the first element. Once you know what you are good at, then putting yourself at the right place and time by figuring out the areas relevant to your skillset is key. For example, a lot of leaders in our IT world have adapted to new and emerging technologies, kept themselves relevant.

The fish not caught on the first try is larger when finally caught.

Practice, practice, practice. That is the only consistent factor in all who seem to have gotten lucky! Whether it’s sports or any other field. You have to keep at it till you make it. As you keep practicing and polishing yourself, you get better and better.

If you do not fish often, the fish have little chance to bite.

Persistence is the third factor. Sadly a lot of us give up too easily. Being in the right place at the right time involves being in many places at different times. I remember giving so many interviews when I was looking for a change after 7 wonderful years at a startup. The number of rejections got to me at one point as no company seemed interested in someone coming from a startup. But if I had to give up, I wouldn’t have got the call telling me that I have got through!

To sum it up, my fishy formula for getting lucky is Proximity, Practice and Persistence! 🙂

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