Great Things Begin From The Inside

The message carries a beautiful lesson in it and if taken deeply, can have a great influence on our life. As the human force breaks the egg from outside and ends the life within the egg. Similarly the human being is greatly influenced from the outer forces comprising of the environment, society, friends and acquaintances and thus gets into the trap of all the negative thoughts of failure, jealousy, unhappiness and distress which lead to his downfall. Actually all these thoughts are the production of your own mind, which thinks that your life will get affected by some external event or an individual. You live in constant fear and feel that someone might affect you or become a hindrance to your success or happiness.

You are an egg that is constantly broken by external forces and elements, often having no control over them in any situation. Life seems almost worthless when these forces shatter your spirits to grow beyond yourself and quash your dreams to the floor. However, you fail to realize that you possess a greater inside force, that is far more powerful than any of these external forces combined.

Your Life Begins when you beckon this inside force and feed it with all your heart. It will drive you closer to that pleasurable wonderland you dream of with open eyes in your dark room before bedtime. And you know what’s the best part about this inside force?

It Never Listens to Excuses !

Your sole purpose coupled with unparalleled dedication that only arises from the inside, minus the external distractions that break you, will lead you to the life of your dreams. Reflect and embrace your deepest sources of joy and hop aside from the unwanted drama that will never cease to present itself to stop you from moving forward.

Bad vibes
Negative People
Fake Friends
That crazy herd-running to Keep up with the Joneses

The good thing — you have a choice!
You and you alone have the power to choose whether you wish for these negative external elements to ruin your goals and the rest of your life. Face them head on, ignore them or be completely indifferent, but do not feed these forces, because sooner of later they will break you.

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