Good or Bad, It Comes Back to You

Whatever we do, it comes back to us. Whatever deeds we perform in our daily life — good or bad — we have to bear the fruits of the same. Sooner or later, we will come back to us. This is the rule of life we should bear in mind when dealing with the people around us. We should treat people the way we would like them to treat us.

Some people say life is unfair. However, it’s not life, but people have not been fair to each other. It’s not life that should be blamed for what happens to us, but ourselves. It’s because we are being unjust and disrespectful to each other.

It is important for us to understand “we are the reason” behind what happens to us. Let us, for example, think of our work. Who decides the type and colour of clothes to wear, the route to take and what drink to have? It’s our decision of course. Similarly, every action we take is decided by us. Hence, the result too will be faced by us.

Likewise, the result of our deeds will be faced only by us. Nobody should say I’ve not done injustice to anyone, but why I am facing such an awful situation in my life. Our deeds are like a ball. Once thrown, it will hit the wall and then come back to us. It’s all a matter of time for this ball to travel and come back. Sometimes, it comes back immediately, but sometimes it takes hours, months or even years.

All you need to remember is that life is like an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap; what you give, you get; what you see in others exists in you too. Hence, you should always give goodness and get back the same. Otherwise, it’s vice-versa.

This reminds me of an old story of a woman who used to bake bread and give one to a hunchback man who used to pass by her house every day. This went on day after day. This woman was irritated with the man who didn’t show any kind of gratitude to her. All he would say after receiving the bread was, “The evil you do remains with you. The good you do will come back to you.”

This statement infuriated her.

Therefore, she decided to get rid of him by poisoning the bread she had prepared for him. Luckily, she changed her mind and didn’t give him that bread. Instead, she burnt it.

The hunchback man passed by as usual, collecting the bread from her. Suddenly, he found a starving man asking for food. He handed him that bread. That man happened to be the woman’s son, who had disappeared for years.

He told his mother about the hunchback man saving his life with the bread that he gave him. She was shocked to hear that as she was planning to kill the hunchback man.

She realised what would have happened had she given him the poisoned bread.

Always remember, the evil you do remains with you, while the good you do, comes back to you. Thus, keep doing good deeds that bring back fruitful outcomes to you.

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