Kick Out The Auto Pilot

As one ages it becomes easier to just allow life to lead you rather than you leading your life. It’s as if ‘auto pilot’ has kicked in. We just wake up and respond to life. We do what we do and ultimately allow the status quo to become our life style.

Or….we can determine as we get older, never to allow age to deter us from setting new goals or dreams which we may have or want.

It is time to – Kick Out The Auto Pilot!

Life is not quantifiable in terms of age, but I suppose in my fifties I am more grounded and more at ease in my own skin than when I was younger. I have a confidence that I didn’t have before from the experiences I’ve had.

Annie Lennox

Ask a small child and he’ll tell you that an old man is his uncle, teacher or neighbor. These people might well be in their 20s or 30s, yet in a child’s mind, they are old. That’s because to a young kid, everyone seems much bigger, plus they don’t really grasp the concept behind this until they grow up.

Ask someone in his 20s or 30s, and they’ll say that having 50 or 60 years means “being old”. That’s most likely because they are afraid of this age.

But then again, ask someone over their 60s, and they’ll tell you that they just started living life and that age does not count. That’s because they went through all the phases, they experienced life, and are in a place where they know what matters.

They know that time is precious and that you should live every day to the fullest, no matter if you are 7 or 70 years old.

Society defines the guidelines on who is considered young when you become “old” when you should start a career, start a family, buy your first house…

Only those who have the experience and truly lived life, know that age is nothing more than a number.

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Mark Twain

You go to school up until a certain age, but you never stop learning.

You get your first job early in life, but you never stop upgrading.

You achieve success at some point, but you never stop growing.

That’s the case with everything in life. It just keeps going, and it never stands still. And neither do you.

It’s silly to let your age define you. After all, there is no “age” that defines when you stop caring about others, when you stop helping others, or when you stop feeling love and appreciation for the people in your life.

So why should there be an “age” that stops you from feeling good about yourself? Or an age that says that you can no longer have fun in your life, and experience new things.

The decision is up to you.

Here are some examples that are proof that dreams can be realised at any age!

Find Your Heart and Soul in Food and Self Love

Julia Child was over 50 years old when she wrote her first cookbook. In the 1950s she began to teach the art of French cuisine to housewives, which branched into a passionate career spanning television programmes, winning awards, and writing cookbooks about her chosen speciality and great love: food.

Hear The World Speak To You in Color

World famous fashion designer Vera Wang was over 40 years old when she began a career in fashion and design. Previously she had been a figure skater and journalist, which just goes to show that you can try many things before really landing on the thing that you shine at.

Write The Book That Has Forever Lived In You

If you have ever felt like you wanted to do something – now is the time. On The Origin of Species was published when Charles Darwin was 50 years old and the book went on to change the natural course of science forever more. Imagine if he had never bothered to pick up the pen? It’s important to make the move toward your passion and worry about how it will be received later – or not at all. Do it simply because you must.

Let The Passion Guide You

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, otherwise known as ‘Grandma Moses’, was a twentieth-century artist who began her painting career at the age of 78. Until Moses turned to painting she had worked as a seamstress for her whole life. A piece of her work sold posthumously in 2006 for $1.2 million, and her work has been displayed in galleries around the world. Moses was also mother to ten children and her work was lovingly distributed on the well-known Hallmark cards.

Be A Winner As The Underdog – Literally

Carol Gardner was freshly divorced, feeling depressed, with little prospects and a lot of debt at the age of 52. Her lawyer told her to ‘get a therapist, or get a dog’. She chose the dog – an English bulldog she called Zelda. She entered Zelda into a Christmas card competition – and won. After sending the image of her and her pooch to family on Christmas cards, Gardner decided to start her own unique company designing greeting cards, clothing, jewellery, books and gifts. Her original spin is the hilarious wit she adds. She encourages one to laugh with life – and Hallmark seemed to like it! Her company, Zelda Wisdom, is now valued at approximately $50 million.

There is no such thing as ‘too late’ to reach a goal or to achieve a dream. If you believe in yourself and you work hard, if you define your own personal idea of success, there is no reason you shouldn’t have the things you want for your life.

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