Little Miracles Happen Everyday

Every day, billions of people wake up in the morning and go about their busy days. For some, the busyness of the day does not allow for time to reflect, while for others, the mundane routine offers little to look forward to, or to be grateful for.

The nature of life today does not often lend itself to recognizing the miracles happening around us and often to us. It is this inability to see everyday miracles in our lives that often causes depression, anxiety and hopelessness.

When we focus more on the miracles in our lives, we can have a better outlook on life and be happier.

Here are a few everyday miracles that we may be overlooking

People changing before your eyes

You’ve heard it before, the saying that “people don’t really change.” Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’ve all seen the examples. What about abusive, alcoholic father who somehow, someway came to his senses to overcome addiction, save his marriage and family relationships?

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

Myriad other examples flood the earth everyday. When you accept that people can and do change, you see miracles in abundance.

Another of the little miracles is the gift of our senses. What we can hear, see and smell. “When in doubt, play Mozart, eat chocolate” is one of my imagined bumper stickers.

Have you tried to look at the world through the eyes of children? They show us how to reappreciate the miracles of our senses. There are plenty of videos online of children amazed by the small things around them, playing with their dog, transfixed by a butterfly dancing and so much more.

It is a miracle that the sun rises every day. It is a miracle that we rise up too, every day. It is a miracle that we can breathe. It is a miracle that the body intuitively knows what to breathe. It is a miracle that our heart is pumping without being commanded to do so. It is a miracle we can see. It is a miracle we can hear. It is a miracle we can eat and speak using the same mouth. It is a miracle that we can touch and feel and walk and lift. It is a miracle that we know what something as abstract as emotion is.

Imagine a day when the sun forgets to rise or the earth stops to rotate. Imagine a day when you don’t rise up. Or a day when you cannot breathe. Or your heart stops to pump. Or your eyes stop to see. Or your ears stop to hear. Or your mouth cannot eat or your speech is lost. Or you cannot touch nor feel nor walk nor lift. Or you stop to feel any emotion what-so-ever.

It is important to acknowledge and express gratitude for all of these miracles everyday if we want our lives to be full of miracles, big and small.

Here is a lovely song by Luther Vandross from Never Let Me Go – the album would go on to be nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and be awarded Platinum status.

One thing I would love to do is talk to someone, wish I knew who
Sometimes the people who know the least say the most
Makes you wonder who you can trust, what’s gonna happen
First thing I know, God is love
The next thing would be, He loves me
Sometimes I’m tired of waiting for a thing or someone
Then I stop and see what He’s done and I know everything will come

Maybe today, anything can change, nothing stays the same
Maybe today, what’s tomorrow for, no one knows for sure
Through it all, come what mayLittle miracles happen everyday

And so there you go, strangely enough
Alone even though, addicted to love
You’re in and out so quickly that it gives you a start
You’re waiting for a message or a word but you haven’t heard from your heart

Maybe today, things can change, nothing stays the same
Maybe today, is for the love we need, I really believe
Through it all, come what may
Little miracles happen everyday

What is a miracle?
Love is a miracle
Every time that you care, a miracle, it happens somewhere
So many miracles, even small little miracles
Just take one look about, it’s not hard to figure out

‘Cause it might be today, anything can change nothing stays the same
And maybe today, what’s tomorrow for, no one know for sure
Through it all, come what may
Little miracles happen everyday
Little miracles happen ev’ry day
Little miracles happen everyday
They happen everyday

One thought on “Little Miracles Happen Everyday

  1. Thank you Kenrick for spreading the good news. This is so basic and yet people forget this very basic of life, our nature and the universe.

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