Things will work out

We have all gone through that phase wondering what God is up to, why does everything that happens makes us feel that things are just going downhill. Maybe it’s work or stress-related, or maybe you are struggling with relationships. Maybe it’s something in your financial life. And no matter what you do in any of those areas, it feels like you’re trapped in a pit you can’t get out of.

This quote is very true, we really can’t see all that is falling into place to make things eventually work out for the best. It is not easy to keep the faith and believe that God is constantly at work in our lives. Do we have the belief that it will all work out? Do we actively keep the faith in your own life, not giving up, crumbling, or letting the challenges we’re facing overcome us? Do we stand up strong and allow challenges to come your way, knowing that you’ll come out stronger on the other side? Definitely not easy!

Here are some things that keep me strong in even the toughest situations

Stop Focusing on All The Ways It Won’t Work Out

When you’re focused on the worst possible outcome, you’re more likely to fulfill those fears. Faith requires effort just like taking action does. When you notice yourself start to drift toward the woe-is-me mindframe, stop yourself, then redirect those thoughts in a positive direction. What is the best possible scenario?Are you taking action to create that outcome? Luck is something you create through action and interpretation of what life deals to you. Make yourself the luckiest person you know.

Don’t Try to Control The Way It Works Out

This applies to pessimistic and optimistic ideas of what the future holds. You have no control over some things that add to the outcome of whatever you’re working toward. As much work as you can put into anything in your life, there reaches a certain point at which you must give up control. If you don’t, you could drive yourself mad. Much of our frustration, anxiety, worry and depression comes from the fact that we try to control the things we simply cannot control. Have faith that it will work out, yes, but don’t force it to happen the way you see it happening…

Keep An Open Mind

Often times, life throws the unexpected at us. If you keep an open mind, those unexpected events can seem more like possibilities than obstacles. Start viewing the unexpected as opportunities to accomplish your goals in a new way. Things work themselves out in ways we could never plan for. Keep the door open, and allow the unexpected to open doors you never saw before.

Pull Over and Get Your Bearings

Take the time to pull over to keep from freaking out. Take the time to pull over and get grounded again. Take some deep breaths. Take a time out. Close your eyes and ask, “Where is the opportunity in this situation?” or “How will this strengthen me?”

Don’t Just Believe, Take Action

Let’s pull up the 1st point again here: “Stop focusing on all the ways it won’t work out.” I want to encourage you to instead focus on being positive and taking actions that align with that positive mindframe. Action is the key to realization. If you don’t try to create the life you want, things will most likely not work out in your favor. You must exert effort. You must work for it. You must allow it to happen by making space for the opportunities in life. Yes, there reaches a point where you can’t control the outcome, but reaching that point takes some work. Break down your goals into mini-goals and make a plan of action. Add faith in the fact that it will all work out, and you’ll be a major force to reckon with.

While God’s actions seem to be hidden from sight, we can trust He is working. We are not trapped in our circumstances or current situation. He uses other things or people to instill hope, faith, and trust. He’s orchestrating an outcome that will bless you and He will be with you through it all…all the way. We can wait in confidence and keep moving forward, one step at a time.

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