Taking a Leap of Faith

Leaping without knowing where you’ll land on the other side can be extremely scary. But taking risks is necessary for growth. All of the greatest things in life require a leap of faith. You cannot fall in love if you don’t let down your walls and leap. You most likely won’t advance in your careerContinue reading “Taking a Leap of Faith”

Can we Save our Planet?

Unfortunately, we humans have not been very good stewards of the Earth over the years. To protect the environment and preserve the planet for our children and future generations, we all need to take proactive steps toward cleaner living habits. Whether it’s gas, food, clothing, cars, furniture, water, toys, electronics, knick-knacks or other goods, weContinue reading “Can we Save our Planet?”

Why should you Embrace your Inner Child

We were all children at some point in our lives and that kid didn’t just up and leave the moment you became the responsible adult you are today. They’re still a part of you and we should learn to embrace them. Why? We shall see in a bit. But first let us quickly see theContinue reading “Why should you Embrace your Inner Child”

Finding Our True Direction

I am sure you have tried walking around your home in the dark. With arms stretched out, we feel our way around, stumbling into walls, cupboards, feeling for what is familiar to find our way. It is surely had to see where we are going without light. It’s painful to run into things we didn’tContinue reading “Finding Our True Direction”

Turning your back on the crowd…to Lead

When I first saw this quote on one of my friend’s Whatsapp story, I was filled with awe. I see so many people in leadership who spend a lot of time wanting to be “in the crowd” instead of leading the crowd. No doubt it is hard to turn our backs to the cheering crowdContinue reading “Turning your back on the crowd…to Lead”

Microhabits to Change your Life

Is it really possible to change one’s life in such a short timeframe? Well, yes. Just don’t expect a complete overhaul of your life in 30 days or you’ll be terribly disappointed! You can, however, change your life to a certain degree in 30 days. Remember, 1% positive change in a month is still change.Continue reading “Microhabits to Change your Life”

Nothing is Impossible

I think there is nothing impossible in this world, and you would never find it in the dictionary of a successful person. Impossible is the word mostly said by unsuccessful people, who don’t have the courage to do something remarkable in their life. The more you think about “Impossible”, the stronger and larger it becomes.Continue reading “Nothing is Impossible”

What are you watering?

Your  mind is like a piece of land planted with many different kinds of seeds: seeds of joy, peace, mindfulness, understanding, and love; seeds of craving, anger, fear, hate, and forgetfulness. These wholesome and unwholesome seeds are always there, sleeping in the soil of your mind. The quality of your life depends on the seeds youContinue reading “What are you watering?”

The Secret to Really Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself means having faith in your own capabilities. It means believing that you CAN do something — that it is within your ability. When you believe in yourself, you can overcome self-doubt and have the confidence to take action and get things done. When you’re drowning in fears, doubts, and self-sabotaging behaviors, success feelsContinue reading “The Secret to Really Believing in Yourself”